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by Jonas Schøsler December 04, 2018 4 min read

An honest talk about dreams, footprints and hardship with Toke Kruse, reveals a person that makes his every breath of air count. In less than four decades of lifetime, Toke has become the entrepreneur behind several successful companies and an author of eight books. Not even a Roman legion could leave footprints that fast.

“Why not pass on your experience to others? It has no cost and no downside, and in return you can make a significant impact to others' dreams.”

Toke is here with a purpose. He wants to make things easier and more simple for others. He has mastered the art of turning difficult and time-consuming tasks into a smooth-running process. With his companies, such as Billy, Salary and Bilagscan, he has created a way for entrepreneurs to easily overcome administrative hurdles. You could say that he is a VISIONARY paving the way for DREAMERS. However, Toke himself is nothing short of a DREAMER – he has numerous ventures under his belt to disapprove anyone who would say otherwise.

“Own up to who you are or see yourself get lost among the crowd.”

In a parallel universe, Toke Kruse would be a black panther prowling in stark daylight. You immediately realize that he is someone who is not afraid to stand out and be at the risk of ridicule, because as he says; “be someone or become nobody”. If you follow the footsteps of Toke, then you will hear those words echo throughout the entire trail. He believes that the nemesis of dreams are the limitations we place on ourselves. We are too concerned about other’s idea of us. The only way to leave lasting footprints is to be brave and stand firm on what you believe.

The mindset is key

Nothing great comes easy. When you’re the entrepreneur behind multiple successful start-ups, then you didn’t just get lucky. Toke has battled a vast amount of adversity in his life, both in business and privately.

“To have worked on a business for years to one day realize that you aren’t able to pay the bills is a true test of your psyche.”

So how do you persist and keep fighting, when the odds are stacking against you? If you ask Toke it is all about the mindset. No matter if your business is caught in a storm, or if you are going through marital discord, the most important battle is always in your head. It is about thinking positively and being proactive. If you get lost in rumination, you will eventually become enslaved by your circumstances. You will lose the locus of control.

In the smoke from all the grenades life throws at you, Toke would tell you to keep your head up high and stay calm.

In the end, it’s all about the family

“I don’t think you could call a single one of our competitors without them knowing who we are”

Toke Kruse has become a figure that infuses respect and awe in the consciousness of his competitors. He is leaving hundreds of footprints, when he is speaking about entrepreneurship at various conferences. However, his most important footprint was when his son came into this world and when he turned 2 years old. It was a defining moment that completed the circle of life. A new sense of meaning filled up Toke – the very essence of life became crystal-clear.

“I want to be remembered for being a great dad and a great husband. I don’t have to be remembered for making the world’s easiest accounting software.”

Even though he is a man of many entrepreneurial ambitions, there was one thing that quickly came to his mind, when he was asked about what his dream is: to create a strong family. Toke would like to be remembered for his ability to make things easier for people, but most importantly, he wants to be remembered as someone who was a great dad and a great husband. I guess it shows us that even though you become successful, some of the most memorable moments will be those shared with our loved ones.

Toke Kruse → Joachim B. Olsen

ZINKTWO is not only about oneself and about one’s own dreams. It is equally about being something to others. It is about teaming up with great minds to create fantastic results. Therefore, we have asked Toke to honour someone with a pair of ZINTWO x ECCO shoes. It had to be someone that inspires Toke, or someone who had an impact on his life. 

“I haven’t yet worn my ZINKTWO shoes for long, but I have already landed some major deals since I put them on. They are nice to go around in”

Toke chose to pass on the ‘torch’ to Joachim B. Olsen, because he is a person who is a great example of the philosophy that is a cornerstone in Toke’s own life. Toke explains that Joachim is a politician who is not afraid to speak up his mind, even though he knows it might not be the popular opinion. He is someone who stands his ground. He is a gladiator fighting for what he believes to be true in the brutal arena of politics. 

Thanks to Toke Kruse for sharing some of his dreams and visions with us.

Toke Kruse


Profession:Serial entrepreneur, author and speaker

Education:Cand.it from ITU



Photo credits: Frank Lohmann

Jonas Schøsler
Jonas Schøsler


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