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by Jonas Schøsler November 18, 2018 1 min read

On the 9th of November the partners and founders of ZINKTWO left their first collective footprints, as we opened the door to the world premiere of our new shoe brand ZINKTWO x ECCO. All wearing the black RAW model; the adventure began with a ceremonial step towards boundless dreams and splendid visions.


Now, we will put every breath of air into helping people fulfil their dreams, leave meaningful footprints and bring great minds together. We have a mission to bring our product, brand and concept to every corner of the universe. Our ambition is that our shoes will be renowned for their unparalleled quality and their innovative design. 


Take part in our journey, when we follow the footsteps of great personalities and reveal their dreams and visions. Perhaps you have a great story yourself that you want to share? If so, let us know and get the chance to have your dream featured on the website.


Your time is limited. Make the most it.
Jonas Schøsler
Jonas Schøsler

Also in Our Journey


by Jonas Schøsler November 08, 2018 2 min read

Each mind-set lacks the other’s strengths, so when combined they create marvels. The purpose of ZINKTWO is to create a community, where DREAMERS and VISIONARIES can connect from all over the world and make wonders.
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